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Robotics Geek Builds Herself a Tesla Pickup Truck, and You Can Watch

She started with a Model 3 and ended up with a "Truckla," and the project is documented on YouTube.

Why Few TV Commercials Promote Electric Cars

Audi is one exception to the rule that commercials touting EVs are rare, with a new spot for its e-tron that takes on every discouraging word about electrics.

Electric Bug: Bugatti Chiron Hypercar to Get Hybrid Powertrain

Sell the Prius! Bugatti is going to go hybrid, too.

This Company Turns Vans into Tricked-Out Homes on Wheels

It starts with a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter or a Ford Transit and ends with the perfect road-trip vehicle.

Davey G. Johnson Still Missing, Sheriff's Department Scales Back Search

C/D contributor David Gordon Johnson went missing on a motorcycle trip through Calaveras County on June 5, and we are updating this story with the latest information.