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The Best-Selling Car in America the Year You Graduated High School

See which car took top sales honors in America every year going back to 1978 at Car and Driver.

Did you graduate from high school in the past 40 years? Congratulations. Do you remember what the best-selling car was that year? We’ve gathered top car sales data from each year going back to 1978 so that now you can know. The good news is that, the further back in time you go, the more variety there was to the annual best-selling cars in America. Recently, there has been far less variation in the top-selling car year to year. This list does not include trucks or SUVs; the Ford F-150 has been the best-selling overall vehicle and truck in the United States for quite some time, making that roundup less interesting.

Hyundai Invents New Phone App That Will Let You Make Your EV Faster

The app will be available on future Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles, allowing users to modify everything from torque output to braking performance and top speed.

Tesla Improves Range to 370 Miles and Cuts Prices on Model S and X

We're barely into the second quarter of 2019, and Tesla is making yet more changes since the year's start.

You Really Need a Real (Paper) Map on Your Next Road Trip

How to read a map: follow these tips and your trips will be something to savor.

Chalk It Up to the Constitution: Court Rules a Common Parking Enforcement Technique Is Unreasonable Search

Marking a parked car's tire using chalk to track its time in a parking space will henceforth require a warrant.