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Colorado moves to adopt Calif. emissions standards

Colorado plans to join 12 other states and the District of Columbia in adopting California's low vehicle-emission standards, escalating the political and economic stakes for the auto industry.

VW, Ford eye alliance to develop 'potential products across a number of areas'

Volkswagen and Ford are exploring an alliance to develop and produce commercial vehicles, including vans, and possibly other projects that could strengthen the companies' competitiveness.

Why buying an old train station will be Bill Ford's greatest act

Ford Motor's purchase of the long-abandoned Michigan Central Station will be Bill Ford's most impactful achievement, no matter how many acts he has left.

GM, Honda endorse policy accord for EV infrastructure

General Motors, Honda and others endorsed principles meant to guide local, state and federal policymakers on how to develop energy infrastructure for electrified vehicles.

NHTSA orders end to sales of Autopilot Buddy, which disables Tesla safety feature

NHTSA issued a cease-and-desist letter Tuesday to a company selling an aftermarket device that effectively disables a safety feature in Tesla's Autopilot semiautonomous driver assist system.